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We are a local family run business, servicing Tamworth and it’s surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide an easy, enjoyable experience for our clients, the best prices possible and products that are built to last.

We offer an extensive range of quality products including, Shutters, Interior Blinds,  Ziptrak®, Blind Systems, Exterior Awnings, Roller Shutters and are proud to be the authorised dealers of Shademaster Shelter Systems.

We offer an obligation free quote and bring the products to you with our in home consultation service at no extra cost so that you can compare samples without the showroom pressure in the comfort of your own home.

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Shutters in a Tamworth home


Blinds in a bedroom - Tamworth
Shademaster shades installed in a Tamworth Backyard
Awnings at a property in Tamworth
Privacy screens on a Tamworth terrace
Privacy Screens
Roller Shutters from outside - Tamworth
Privacy screens on a terrace in Tamworth


Awnings Tamworth

A versatile form of canopy, an awning is a fantastic way to stay safe from the sun when you’re in your yard. Designed to be easy to use, all you need to do when the sun’s out is wind the handle to retract it, or if you opt for a motorized version, press a button to create a shaded area.

Awnings are ideal for use in front and backyards, particularly over access points such as sliding doors. As awnings don’t rely on vertical support – they’re built with strong ‘arms’, giving the awning its shape and strength to handle most weather conditions – it won’t take up any space, making it one of the most convenient additions to the outdoor space at your home.

External straight drop awning over roller doors - Tamworth
PVC 63mm Venetian Blinds in a Tamworth living room


Decided on blinds for your home decor? Great idea: blinds are easy-to-use, unobtrusive and look great with any interior style. While this can be said for all types of blinds, it’s better to have a preference in mind so you can reap the benefits of your choice. At North West Shutters, we stock roller blinds; Venetian blinds; Roman blinds; panel glides and vertical blinds, so we’re always happy to advise, but there are a few key things to be aware of.

Venetian blinds are a classic choice, commonly made from wood or aluminium and easy-to-clean while suiting any room in your house. A roller blind is great for those who want a pattern covering their window, and for anyone who wants to block out daylight fully.

Vertical blinds have a more functional aesthetic and are made from a lighter material. Roman blinds have an elegant appeal that looks attractive and, like roller blinds, are ideal for blocking daylight.

Got a larger space? Panel glides are the choice for you, perfectly covering large windows and French doors. With all these choices available, it’s wise to talk to our team – the experts on blinds!


Shutters are a smart, simple alternative to other window coverings indoors. When night draws in, simply close them shut like a cupboard – or in the daytime, when shutters come into their own as a way to create privacy while allowing daylight to brighten your space.

Shutters are most commonly constructed from wood, making them lightweight and suitable for any style home. Shutters look brilliant in larger rooms, such as lounges or dining rooms, where you have the space to pull them back and sit them against the wall either side of the window when you don’t want them to be closed.

Plantation Shutters installed by North West Shutters

If you’re intrigued about getting an awning on your home, love the idea of shutters in your living space or want a simple blind for your bedroom in Tamworth, contact the North West Shutters team today!

We’ve got the know-how in all areas of window coverings, so would love to give you guidance on what would work for your home. Give us a call on 0401 408 851 or Contact us online today!

Mobile Showroom

To make the whole process as easy as possible, we now have a mobile showroom we can bring to you.

You can see available options for your shutters and blinds to help make your decision, while we can measure and quote all at the same time. 

North West Shutters Mobile Showroom - Tamworth


Is having an awning worth it?

Absolutely! As awnings simply fold away in adverse weather, you’ll only notice it when the sun’s shining – and that’ll be because you’re grateful that you’ve got some shade to sit in outside while your indoors is kept cool!

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our awning range!

How much do blinds cost?

The price of blinds totally varies depending on which type of blind you’re getting, the size of your window and how many windows (or doors) you’re covering. That’s why we’d always recommend consulting our team before placing an order, as you’ll want a bespoke choice that fits your style and budget.

If I get shutters, do I need curtains too?

No, you don’t need curtains when you have shutters. Some people like how the combo looks, but the beauty of shutters is in their simplicity and that they work well without any additional furnishings.

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